St Augustine's Catholic High School

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: I don't have my GCSE grades yet, what should I put instead?
Using mock/predicted grades is fine as long as you select 'predicted' rather than 'achieved' in the grades section.
Question 2: Some of my chosen subjects clash in the option blocks, what should I do?
Choosing post-16 subjects is hard. We advise you to make an informed choice by researching your next steps thoroughly and find out what Universities/Higher Level Apprenticeships are asking for. Usually, there are only 2 main subjects that they are after, which gives you the flexibility to study a further two subjects that suit you best. Check out this guide to help:
Question 3: How do I change my subject choices?
Simply log back in to your account and edit your selection in the 'courses' section.
Question 4: Are references taken?
Students are required to demonstrate a positive academic, attendance and attitude to learning record as evidenced by a written reference and two previous reports.